The 5C Workshop: Your Personal Growth with Applied Improv” is an online workshop created by The Human Story using an innovative, interactive and playful methodology based on the principles of Improvisation Theater  which will allow you to explore and strengthen 5 key competencies

1. Consciousness

You will start by developing your capacity of focus, observation, engagement and reactivity to be more connected and efficient in your professional environment:

  • Develop your sense of awareness to capture and understand what is going on around you;

  • Make sure you can tell what is your role as well as the other’s role in each context that you are faced with; 

  • Build a “Here and Now” mindset dedicating your full attention and concentration to the current moment;

  • Bring your full energy and passion to everything you do.

  • 2 workshops available: 1 for professionals & 1 for students

  • 1 workshop = 5 sessions of 1h30  (total of 7h30)

  • 1 session per week

  • 1 competency per session

  • Available in English or Portuguese

  • Maximum 15 participants per session

  • Content specifically created for the online format

  • No prior experience required

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