Learn and Play with Applied Improv” are online workshops created by The Human Story that use an innovative, interactive and playful methodology based on Improvisation Theater to explore and strengthen 5 key competencies: Consciousness, Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Confidence.

  • 2 workshops available: 1 for professionals / 1 for students

  • 1 workshop = 5 sessions of 1h30 (total of 7h30)

  • 1 session per week

  • 1 competency per session

  • Available in English or Portuguese

  • Maximum 15 participants per session

  • Content specifically created for the online format

  • No prior experience required

How do I register?

Step 1: Purchase your workshop subscription here

Step 2: Book the date and language for your 5 sessions here

Can I try first?

You can also purchase each session separately here

Can I have more information?

Check our videos on this page or register for a free webinar here

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