In a world where everyone is focusing on digital transformation and investing in emerging technologies, The Human Story wants to bring the focus back on the only and biggest differentiating factor already available in every single organisation: their People.

We need to learn, acquire and develop a new set of natural skills in order to cope with the changing environment and remain relevant. All types of organisations, whether they are schools, universities, public entities or private companies, need to become human-centric in order to make a difference and thrive in tomorrow’s world.

The Human Story is empowering and developing People through Innovation and Arts. We have developed an innovative methodology based on Improvisation Theatre techniques, producing a large portfolio of interactive, energetic and involving training programs and exercises that will generate a cultural shockwave within your teams.

The Human Story is transforming People, at school, at work, and foremost, at life, giving them relevant tools for their day-to-day.



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Born in Portugal, Diogo is a Senior Executive with global experience of nearly a decade living and working abroad in over 9 countries and 4 continents. Diogo managed 4 tech companies with distinct business models in different countries and has been working with multinational corporations in digital transformation initiatives.

Diogo is a Director at the German Federal Association for Sustainability, a Visiting Professor at Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics and the Curator of the World Economic Forum Global Shapers for Portugal in 2019/ 2020. He is also a co-author of the book “The Binomial of Technology & Sustainability”.

Diogo discovered his passion for Improv Theatre in 2015, while joining a theater group in Berlin that aimed at raising the awareness for the challenges faced by migrant refugees when they arrived to the German capital. Since then, he never stopped acting, first in Germany and thereafter in Portugal, having developed artistic training in Improv Theatre in the ACT School of Lisbon.


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Born in Belgium, Bertrand is a Senior Executive with more than 25 years of a successful international and multi-cultural career. He lived 5 different countries between Europe and Latin America and worked in multiple C-level positions for big multinational companies like Microsoft and Electronic Arts where he established a solid track record of building, transforming and developing Talents and Businesses.

In 2010, he founded Digital Sherpa, a boutique consulting firm helping tech start-ups to accelerate their growth, build adequate structures and create disruptive strategies and reach new markets and customers.

A long time passionate about Improv Theatre, Bertrand took two specialized courses at the ACT School of Lisbon and joined continuous workshops and training programs. He then went on to create mentoring, coaching and personal development programs based on the fundamental principles of Improv.


At The Human Story, we want to take you away from static, boring, powerpoint led training programs. Instead, we are bringing innovative techniques to all type of organisations that want to foster and develop the Natural Skills within their teams. If you wish to develop a growth mindset amongst your people, infuse a sense of critical and positive thinking, help them to deal with failure and extract learnings from it, or simply stimulate a true collaborative and productive attitude in your teams, we are here to help!


At the core of our work, we have selected 7 basic principles from the Improvisation Theatre that perfectly transfer to the workplace. To develop true acceptance based on active listening, to control your voice tone and body-language, to become a great storyteller, or to understand the true power of the group to build solutions together are all as important on-stage as they are at work.


We have developed our proprietary 5Cs methodology - Consciousness, Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Confidence – that enables us to train natural skills, going beyond the traditional soft skills, and making people aware of their own natural challenges, emotions and responses, co-creating ways to foster their development.


Our portfolio is composed by a large range of exercises and activities that are dynamic, original and interactive, being specifically executed in order to develop the Natural Skills selected by our Clients, and helping them to reach their strategic objectives. We do also combine our work with a large network of experienced professionals working in complementary areas such as Mindfulness, Media and Public Speaking Training, Vocal Coaching, Lego Serious Play or Contemporary Arts.

Our programs are flexible and customized according to the need of our Clients. They can range from a half or full day workshop to more comprehensive pilot or immersion projects that can last between 3 months to 1 year.







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