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Born in Portugal, Diogo is a Senior Executive with a vast global experience of nearly a decade living and working abroad in over 9 countries. He started his professional career as a strategy consultant for media, telecom and internet in Africa, before managing 4 tech companies with distinct business models in Europe, Asia and the Americas. In the last years, he has been working with Venture Capital Firms, Startups and Corporations in digital transformation initiatives, development of digital teams and fund raising for digital projects at Binomial Ventures.

Alongside with technology, he has been active in the sustainability area, being in the Board  of the German Federal Association for Sustainability and a Contributor for Springer Nature´s Encyclopedia of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Diogo published his first book called “The Binomial of Technology & Sustainability” in 2019, focusing on 7 lessons of innovation and collaboration in Portugal and Europe.


Diogo is a Visiting Professor and Guest Lecturer at several universities in Portugal (e.g. Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics, ISCTE Business School, Universidade Europeia). He is the former Curator of the World Economic Forum Global Shapers in Portugal for 2019-20, having launched the 100 Oportunidades project.


​​Diogo discovered his passion for Improv Theatre in 2015, while joining a theater group in Berlin that aimed at raising the awareness for the challenges faced by migrant refugees while arriving to the German capital. Since then, he never stopped acting, first in Germany and after in Portugal, having developed artistic training in the field in the ACT School of Lisbon.

Born in Belgium and graduated in Business Administration from the Solvay Business School (Université Libre de Bruxelles), Bertrand Caudron is a Senior Executive with a real multi-cultural profile and more than 25 years of a successful international professional career.


Bertrand has lived in 5 countries between Europe and Latin America and has worked as General Manager for large multinational companies in the IT sector (Microsoft) as well as the Interactive Entertainment sector (Electronic Arts), establishing a strong track record of building, transforming and developing Businesses and Talents and acquired a vast experience about people management in all types of organisation. In 2010, he founded Digital Sherpa Ltd, a boutique consulting firm helping tech start-ups to accelerate their growth, build adequate structures, and reach new markets and customers with an international perspective.


Acting as a consultant, mentor and business angel, Bertrand collaborates closely with its clients to improve key areas of their businesses such as Strategic Vision, Leadership, Talent Acquisition and Retention, Upscaling and Go To Market Execution.


A long time enthusiast about Improvisation Theatre, Bertrand decided to move from a spectator to an actor position and took two specialized courses at the ACT School of Lisbon and later joined several continuous workshops and training programs.  He then went on to co-create personal development programs based on the fundamental principles of Improv which became the basis of The Human Story Methodology.

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